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TAB-5908 Revert changes to system prop for skipping update checks to preserve existing API while preserving new default
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TAB-5908 Changed skipUpdateCheck to enableUpdateCheck, default is false.
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INT-2312: correcting quartz version from 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT to 2.2.1-SNAPSHOT
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trunk is now 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT
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Add <relativePath> element for parent pom for modules that are more than one level deep.

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QTZ-301 Merge branch 2.2.x to trunk : reverting changes done to examples and system-tests poms : note for m2e users : you have to remember that before depending on the quartz module, you must install it in your local repo, and never open it in your IDE
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QTZ-301 Merge branch 2.2.x to trunk : copied classes and resources from quartz 2.2.x to quartz-core, quartz-plugins and quartz-jobs in trunk; fixed pom for examples and system tests modules to reference quartz-core; merged the quartz 2.2.x integrations tests to quartz-core and quartz-plugins tests; mvn clean install passes, import to eclipse ide with m2e works fine too
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