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Remove some GPG configuration.
management modules are not used nor being worked on for now, and should not be before a couple of weeks; removing them from the aggregator pom
Toolkit2 merge quartz-os
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used shading to improve IDE integration
  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
use release version
run checkstyle from parent pom
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no need to run in sub modules
tidy some pom
  1. … 2 more files in changeset.
use latest version of checkstyle
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QTZ-302 Quartz Scheduler REST Management interface : initial commit of quartz management modules; the path /agents and /agents/info have a first implementation
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it's sonatype not sourceforge that we deploy to
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avoid OOME when compile
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update to slf4j 1.6.4
DEV-6918: include tim-quartz-ee javadoc in os build
use stubs to get around missing oracle, weblogic maven artifacts
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update README regarding quartz-oracle and quartz-weblogic
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update assembly version
use 1.6 compiler
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Fixed surefire plugin config in pom.
QTZ-178 - Moved classes into two new modules: quartz-jobs and quartz-plugins. Also cleaned up many warnings in pom.xml files.
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surefire plugin 2.10
fixed groupId
update plugin versions, allow examples to be run with Maven
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Quartz 2.1.0 release.

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update findbugs plugin
fork separate VM for each test
implemented QTZ-113: jobs can now execute on commonj work manager
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Produce Javadoc JARs for the individual modules as well as the aggregate Javadoc JAR. This is required for deploying to Maven Central.

Get Subversion auth credentials from settings.xml instead of cached.