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revert 2234
INT-2255: disabled system tests for now
Use release version of maven-forge-plugin.
Use release version of maven-forge-plugin.
update slf4j version
Remove some GPG configuration.
management modules are not used nor being worked on for now, and should not be before a couple of weeks; removing them from the aggregator pom
Toolkit2 merge quartz-os
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used shading to improve IDE integration
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use release version
run checkstyle from parent pom
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no need to run in sub modules
tidy some pom
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use latest version of checkstyle
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QTZ-302 Quartz Scheduler REST Management interface : initial commit of quartz management modules; the path /agents and /agents/info have a first implementation
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it's sonatype not sourceforge that we deploy to
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avoid OOME when compile
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update to slf4j 1.6.4
DEV-6918: include tim-quartz-ee javadoc in os build
use stubs to get around missing oracle, weblogic maven artifacts
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update README regarding quartz-oracle and quartz-weblogic
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update assembly version
use 1.6 compiler
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Fixed surefire plugin config in pom.
QTZ-178 - Moved classes into two new modules: quartz-jobs and quartz-plugins. Also cleaned up many warnings in pom.xml files.
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surefire plugin 2.10
fixed groupId
update plugin versions, allow examples to be run with Maven
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Quartz 2.1.0 release.

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