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QTZ-367 : cleanup DriverDelegate constructors, initialization
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QTZ-301 Merge branch 2.2.x to trunk : copied classes and resources from quartz 2.2.x to quartz-core, quartz-plugins and quartz-jobs in trunk; fixed pom for examples and system tests modules to reference quartz-core; merged the quartz 2.2.x integrations tests to quartz-core and quartz-plugins tests; mvn clean install passes, import to eclipse ide with m2e works fine too
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fixed eclipse warnings and added missing headers
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re-enable various compile warnings that were turned off, fix related (resulting) issues, mostly related to generics.
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QTZ-152: OracleDelegate error in update job : ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended
QTZ-115: Oracle delegate not truncating blobs that may have shrunk in size.
Remove irrelevant docs.
applying changes for QTZ-103: Support Multiple Schedulers With One Set Of Database Tables WIth JDBC JobStore
merging back all changes from quartz-2.0-proto branch.
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Quartz 2.0 work : API updates to use generics rather than arrays, etc.
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QTZ-13: discontinue usage of commons-logging, utilize SLF4J.
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Set all copyright notices to Terracotta, Inc.

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Updated to use Maven as the build system, with all of the restructuring that that implies.

Still to come: converting the examples to use Maven, and integrating Clover and Checkstyle into the Maven build.

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