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add some more ignores for JVM service-ey threads
TAB-6619 : fix batch trigger acquisition logic to prevent early firing of trigger and preserve the fix for DEV-9254
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Explicit configuration of offheap for tests
update to use slf4j 1.7.7
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update to reference all trunk versions
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MNK-5570 : fix up lingering threads logic
Make sure we set the job factory before we start the scheduler
ENG-54 : final rejoin changes - add constant for rejoin prop, remove warning, and force sync-write to true when rejoin is enabled
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ENG-54 : enable quartz rejoin tests, ensure correct behavior around blocked jobs when recovering triggers
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ENG-54 : don't need to be able to use proxy toolkits any more
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ENG-54 : necessary changes to support Terracotta Rejoin functionality in Quartz (also improves DB failure behavior)
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DEV-7351 : add more rejoin testing
  1. ./test/java/org/terracotta/quartz/tests/rejoin
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disable this test pending resolution of ENG-7
DEV-7351 : rejoin should always be used with synchronous write
DEV-7041 : don't race the job thread against the test thread here
DEV-7351 : add super-secret rejoin code to Quartz for benefit of scheduled refresh only
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MNK-???? - fix-up ExpressShutdownTest
cut logging back to help monkeys, fix NPE in ShutdownClient
osgi test for quartz
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correct the group map destroy/create code
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DEV-9869 : add test to cover this at the quartz level
make storeJobAndTrigger atomic, and add test coverage to ensure compound quartz operations are actually atomic
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use maps not caches, source job data map for recovered jobs correctly, fix shutdown test
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httpunit is no more
DEV-9244 : ensure the two component parts of stateful jobs are treated correctly (trunk version)
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Extend timebomb
fixes for config changes
Replace persistence mode with restartable
Toolkit2 merge quartz-os
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QTZ-301 Merge branch 2.2.x to trunk : copied classes and resources from quartz 2.2.x to quartz-core, quartz-plugins and quartz-jobs in trunk; fixed pom for examples and system tests modules to reference quartz-core; merged the quartz 2.2.x integrations tests to quartz-core and quartz-plugins tests; mvn clean install passes, import to eclipse ide with m2e works fine too
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