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trunk to 2.2.4-SNAPSHOT
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TAB-6619 : fix batch trigger acquisition logic to prevent early firing of trigger and preserve the fix for DEV-9254
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TABINF-4092 Bump to next development version 2.2.3-SNAPSHOT

* Bump system-tests-parent version to 4.3.1-SNAPSHOT

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TAB-5908 Revert changes to system prop for skipping update checks to preserve existing API while preserving new default
  1. … 11 more files in changeset.
TAB-6134: fix MBeans object name to include the client UUID the L1s JMX tunnel code expects
TAB-5908 Changed skipUpdateCheck to enableUpdateCheck, default is false.
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update to reference all trunk versions
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ENG-369 : add os quartz product upgradability tests
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ENG-96 Protect against premature shutdown by ignoring pause before initialization
ENG-54 : final rejoin changes - add constant for rejoin prop, remove warning, and force sync-write to true when rejoin is enabled
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ENG-54 : enable quartz rejoin tests, ensure correct behavior around blocked jobs when recovering triggers
  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
ENG-54 : don't need to be able to use proxy toolkits any more
  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
ENG-54 : necessary changes to support Terracotta Rejoin functionality in Quartz (also improves DB failure behavior)
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DEV-7351 : log a warning if a user enables rejoin in Quartz
INT-2312: correcting quartz version from 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT to 2.2.1-SNAPSHOT
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DEV-7351 : don't wipe over the jobs data map with the trigger one when recovering
DEV-7351 : add more rejoin testing
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DEV-7351 : add super-secret rejoin code to Quartz for benefit of scheduled refresh only
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MNK-5246 : don't use the default concurrency here
DEV-9869 : remove hacks now that underlying toolkit issue is fixed
correct the group map destroy/create code
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DEV-9869 : temporary workarounds
DEV-9869 : temporary fix to get scheduled refresh working
QTZ-315 : incliude both scheduled and fired time in recovery job data - align and correct various recovery job behaviors
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QTZ-310 DEV-9303 : fix implementations of JobDetail.getJobBuilder() and make use of same for updating jobdata
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DEV-9771 : use the toolkits own set implementation
don't log every transaction
make storeJobAndTrigger atomic, and add test coverage to ensure compound quartz operations are actually atomic
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use maps not caches, source job data map for recovered jobs correctly, fix shutdown test
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