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Tag quartz-2.0.0

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Update quartz trunk to 2.1.0-SNAPSHOT.

Create quartz-2.0.x branch.

  1. … 594 more files in changeset.
DEV-5007 Added System prop based instanceId generator impl.
QTZ-71 Renamed props based on James feedback
Remove printlns.
Put back pauseTriggerGroup, resumeTriggerGroup, pauseJobGroup, resumeJobGroup.

Added new operations for StartsWith, EndsWith, Contains for each of the above.

QTZ-117 Changed method signatures to use the Matcher API rather than String for Group based operations
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QTZ-119: Utilize C3PO for connection pooling, rather than DBCP.
QTZ-118: UpdateChecker *always* creates background even if "skip" system property is set.
QTZ-116: Scheduler.scheduleJobs should either associated triggers with job or warn if trigger not already bound to job

cleanup of method names, add some javadoc
QTZ-114: JobFactory needs to receive handle to scheduler
fix possible NPE during debug logging.
fix merge problem.

QTM-1: don't swallow ClassNotFoundException.

QTZ-82, QTZ-83: can schedule a non-durable job with a trigger using maps of simple values.

DEV-4684 Added poolSize to setter to the JobStore
fix NPE in willFireOn() method.
fix thread safety issue with tracking the number of jobs that have been executed on the node.
updated sl4fj version
add findbugs and pmd
add findbugs and pmd plugin
altering access modifier of ScheduleBuilder.build() method to 'protected' per conversation with alex.
QTZ-108: Add DirectoryScanJob to core jobs that ship with Quartz, also added minimum age parameter to FileScanJob.
Updated to use default kitID rather than version
adding files for 2.0 -> 1.x backward compatibility
  1. /trunk/quartz-backward-compat/src/main/resources
  2. /trunk/quartz-backward-compat/src/test/resources
  3. /trunk/quartz-backward-compat/src/test/java/org
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Added quartz-backward-compat module.

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  1. /trunk/quartz-backward-compat/src/main/java
  2. /trunk/quartz-backward-compat/src/test/java
  3. /trunk/quartz-backward-compat/src/main/java/org
Fix up the Quartz POMs.

Removing NthIncludedDayTrigger, which is no longer considered a core trigger. Will place in backward-compatibility package.