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QTZ-199 : JBoss QuartzService doesn't expand JBoss properties correctly on Windows platforms
Backport fixes from trunk to 2.0.x branches: QTZ-185 QTZ-187 QTZ-180 QTZ-157 QTZ-176
Fixed compiler warning on missing generic on self type.
Fixed QTZ-176 - changed Session to TopicSession to avoid cast exception.
Fixed QTZ-157 - TriggerBuilder failed when endTime is prior to current time.
Sync the job_scheduling_data_1_8.xsd to trunk.
Fixed QTZ-146 and backported fixes from 2.0 to 1.8 for QTZ-185 and QTZ-187
Corrected test method prefix name
Fixed QTZ-180 for xsd prevent some valid cron expressions.
Fix for QTZ-187 where XMLSchedulingDataProcessor cause scheduler to go infinite loop.
integrate 1574

Added XMLSchedulingDataProcessorTest and test case for QTZ-185.
  1. /trunk/quartz/src/test/java/org/quartz/xml
* The previous commit 1575 was a fixed to QTZ-185.

* Corrected javadoc comment to be 2.0 xsd instead of 1.8

Corrected "name" in javadoc comment for TriggerKey.
try to fix apparent race condition in test by switching from volatile boolean to AtomicBoolean and reordering a couple operations.
done with RC
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fork per test
fork per test
fork separate VM for each test
integrate 1568

try to clear up conflict between tests (apparently re-using the same scheduler - in the same classloader space) on the "quartz-2.0.x_test_JDK_1.6" build job.
integrate 1566

wait on barrier rather than sleeping in order to more truly notice the job start executing...
integrate 1564

QTZ-186 : improvements for interrupting executing jobs. (missed checking in this file)
integrate 1561, 1562

QTZ-186 : improvements for interrupting executing jobs.
QTZ-186 : improvements for interrupting executing jobs.
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