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Remove incorrect relativePath.
Add <relativePath> element for parent pom for modules that are more than one level deep.

fixes for config changes
Fixed Quartz OS build

rest of Jetty8 upgrade and additional version bumps for Vincente because I could
Vicente version updates.
Fix compilation
Replace persistence mode with restartable
declares dependency on container-test-framework
merge 2161

update online docs ref in javadoc
update slf4j version
latest versions
use core system-tests-parent
disabling management in quartz, feature is not complete yet
Fixed quartz-tc-bootstrap build.
Make this compile again.

svn add/ignore eclipse files

use property
update toolkit dependency versions

update dep to toolkit-runtime

upgrade to toolkit-2.0

Generics review comments quartz-os
fix ee tests
Remove some GPG configuration.
management modules are not used nor being worked on for now, and should not be before a couple of weeks; removing them from the aggregator pom
Delete RC branch
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MNK-3929: fixed XMLSchedulingDataProcessorTest.testTimeZones on JDK 1.5 by using standard jaxb dependency
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