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QTZ-121: added EJB3InvokerJob
QTZ-280 : clarify the effect of setting LockOnInsert to false
QTZ-315 : incliude both scheduled and fired time in recovery job data - align and correct various recovery job behaviors
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QTZ-79: refactored test
fixed dependency
use different port for different test case
QTZ-79: add test
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  2. /trunk/quartz-jobs/src/test/java/org/quartz/jobs
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QTZ-79 wired up authenticator
QTZ-79 wired up authenticator
QTZ-316 : create an object to lock on, rather than using the Thread itself
QTZ-310 DEV-9303 : fix implementations of JobDetail.getJobBuilder() and make use of same for updating jobdata
QTZ-306 : Modify CacheDelegate to correctly free Blob instances
account for existing settings
QTZ-79: allow arbitrary smtp settings so authentication could be set up
revert 2271 due to unwanted format changes
QTZ-79: allow arbitrary smtp settings so authentication could be set up
QTZ-275 : Allow 'triggerless' initial storing of non-durable jobs.
MNK-5051 : make sure we define the source file encoding
DEV-9771 : use the toolkits own set implementation
use 4.0 branch version for testing
QTZ-368 : JDBC JobStore : For group matchers that use 'equals' operator, use sql =, rather than 'like'
only create javadoc while publish/release
MNK-4797 : system-tests module only part of the reactor if system-tests profile is on
reworked to get bundle and shade plugin to cooperate nicely
make it less retard, parent shouldn't consume children
don't log every transaction
make storeJobAndTrigger atomic, and add test coverage to ensure compound quartz operations are actually atomic
fix compile and acknowledge bitrot
use maps not caches, source job data map for recovered jobs correctly, fix shutdown test
use release toolkit API