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DEV-7351 : add super-secret rejoin code to Quartz for benefit of scheduled refresh only
MNK-???? - fix-up ExpressShutdownTest
MNK-5246 : don't use the default concurrency here
always produce javadoc
cut logging back to help monkeys, fix NPE in ShutdownClient
DEV-9869 : remove hacks now that underlying toolkit issue is fixed
revert unintended change
osgi test for quartz
  1. /trunk/system-tests/src/test/java/org/quartz/osgi
  2. /trunk/system-tests/src/test/java/org/quartz
correct the group map destroy/create code
QTZ-323: correctly set thread name prefix for thread pool
MNK-5203: use job listener
DEV-9869 : temporary workarounds
run system tests against 4.0.2 snapshots
DEV-9869 : add test to cover this at the quartz level
DEV-9869 : temporary fix to get scheduled refresh working
use tc version
explicitly download javadoc
QTZ-372: removed old docs
  1. … 123 more files in changeset.
QTZ-325 : align both copies of the various sql scripts
QTZ-191 : don't call back in to the scheduler here (no need to, and it uses a managed method to do so)
QTZ-371: move to JEE 6
QTZ-370 : remove accidental import
QTZ-370 : add transaction timeout attribute to ExecuteInJTATransaction annotation
QTZ-121: added EJB3InvokerJob
QTZ-280 : clarify the effect of setting LockOnInsert to false
QTZ-315 : incliude both scheduled and fired time in recovery job data - align and correct various recovery job behaviors
  1. … 39 more files in changeset.
QTZ-79: refactored test
fixed dependency
use different port for different test case
QTZ-79: add test
  1. /trunk/quartz-jobs/src/test/java/org/quartz
  2. /trunk/quartz-jobs/src/test/java/org/quartz/jobs
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