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EHC-1142 Merge 10583 from branches/2.10.0
EHC-1124 Merge rev 10215 from trunk
TAB-6284 Merge rev 10175 from trunk
TAB-6284 Merge rev 10169 from trunk
Merge of test fixes (9951, 9954 and 9962) from trunk
TAB-5273 Improve wording in character limitation comments
Bump management-core version to 2.0.14
TAB-6357: merge fixes from trunk
Dependencies clean up

Merge rev 10059 from trunk

    • -0
    • +5
EHC-1115 Prevent reordering of key operations when forming batches

merged rev 10029 from trunk

TAB-5273 Document invalid characters on cache and cache manager names

Add reference to invalid characters imposed when you actually register

the cache or cache manager as MBeans, which is the default with

Terracotta enabled.

TAB-6174 Merge from trunk
EHC-1108 merge branches/ehcache-2.10.0@9973
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