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Can't use @Override on interface methods in 1.5
MNK-4426 : backport a bunch of test fixes to 2.4.x
EHC-1003 : merge 7223 from trunk
MNK-4223: added debug logs to local Tx test
fix Java 1.5 compile
MNK-4159 : merge 6495 from trunk
mnk-4130 merge r5690 from trunk
MNK RMI : merge 6488,6489 from trunk
MNK-4133 : add debug logging when threads sleep to account for wall clock drift
MNK-4100 : merge 6418 from 2.5.x
MNK-4081 : assertions are too strong - should only be asserting equals here
MNK-4082 : wait for condition, don't just sleep and pray
merge 6380 from ehcache-core-2.5.x
EHC-970 : merge 6374 from trunk
MNK-4062 : add some more debug logging
MNK-4061 MNK-4062 : merge 5998, 6247, 6259 from trunk
DEV-7507 : merge 5007 from trunk
MNK-4009 : merge 6242 from trunk
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INT-1892 - updated for Terracotta 3.5.5 release
Merge a large number of test fixes from trunk
  1. … 23 more files in changeset.
cannot use Matchers class in Java 1.5
MNK-3906 : merge 4842 from trunk
MNK-3726 : merge 6188 from trunk
MNK-3927 Merged r6130 from 2.5.x branch, so jdk 1.5 64bit test have sufficient headroom
MNK-3904 Moved perfTest method to perfTest class (and profile)
MNK-3893: fix test

MNK-3584 : avoid race with disk thread updating counter
MNK-3459 : use a pure in-memory cache here
MNK-3231 : merge 5164 from trunk