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merge 2371 from trunk
fixed JDK 1.5 compilation error as OpenType hasn't been genericized before 1.6
fixed url
update assembly version
merge 1799

fork always
Backport QTZ-197 fixes and its related file changes.
Fixed QTZ-194 - Using ThreadExecutor to execute MisfireHandler and ClusterManager threads.
Clean up more on java format and warnings for Quartz601Test
Re-added old DriverDelegate#selectTriggerToAcquire method for compatibility reason. It is marked as deprecated.
Added batch maxCount and windowTime feature in JobStoreTX.

Added the same DisallowedConcurrentExecution check in JobStoreTx during acquireNextTrigger.

Updated DriverDelegate interface for selectAcquireTrigger with maxCount instead of old hardcoded impl.

Improved test class. Removed STDOUT output noise, and renamed a fixture class to avoid word Test that cause potentially maven test runner.
Realized there is duplicated RAMJobStoreTest, so I removed the recent one, and added the new tests in existing one.
Removed println in DailyTimeIntervalTriggerImplTest
Added RAMJobStoreTest to test acquireNextTriggers.
merger 1478

merge 1553

merge 1558

merge 1575,1576,1577

merge 1611

merge 1552

merge 1479

integrate 1612

Fixed QTZ-202 on RAMJobStore. Added new DisallowConcurrentExecutionJobTest for the fix as well.
integrate 1608 : QTZ-161

Fixed QTZ-195. Removed invalid syntax NULL on qrtz_simprop_triggers table.
Fixed QTZ-205. Ensure to check for trigger final fireTimes after it's vetoed.
Added DailyTimeIntervalTriggerPersistenceDelegate for QTZ-196
Added DailyTimeIntervalTrigger impl for QTZ-196