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Changes for TAB-4910
Added more test case.
Added acquireQueueJobDetailsToRun with JOB_STATUS.
Fixed testRunQueueJob.
Added checkQueueJobExists
Updated QueueJob store with acquireQueueJobDetailsToRun and getQueueJobKeys.
Added RAMJobStore impl for QueueJob.
Added more QueueJobManager methods to manage queue jobs.
Renamed QueueJobThread to QuartzQueueThread to be more consistent to scheduler thread.
Queue features are now configurable in quartz.properties.
Complete QueueJobThread impl with queue job execution in a thread pool working.
Backout and removed QueueJob and will try to use existing Job instead.
Added QueueJobThreadTest with MySQL db as test for now.
Added initial QueueJobManagerImpl to add QueueJobDetail.
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Clean update the QueueJobThread and get ready to add actual processing logic.
Reverted back QuartzSchedulerThread and added new QueueJobThread.
Added jdbc impl of getQueueJobDetails() that returns a list of QueueJobDetailImpl.
Added MySQL QRTZ_QUEUE_JOB_DETAIL table definition.
Added more placeholders to query QueueJobDetail from jobstore.
Refactored QuartzSchedulerThread to have a placeholder to process queue jobs.
Removed user specific eclipse settings and added svn ignore to these files.
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Ignore user specific eclipse settings for sub folders.
Removed user specific eclipse settings.
Sync up from trunk (merge merge -r 1787:1831 from trunk to this branch.)
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Branching trunk r 1786 to prototype queue job implementation.
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