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TAB-7372 : no more samples in ehcache-os kit

* because the tc server is not shipped anymore

* some samples can be found in the terracotta OSS kit

TAB-7408 Support for Java 9

* Introduce jaxb-api in rest-agent classpath to not require a module


* Move samples to Java 8 as it is now required by the Terracotta


Back to Java 6 for samples
Back to Java 6, no jaxb
Add missing profile following parent pom version bump
Compatibility with Java 8 Terracotta
Bump ehcache-parent to 2.21
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release ehcache-parent-2.21
Version of findbugs running with Java 8
TAB-7438 Use jaxb-api 2.3.0
TAB-7438 Dependency cleanup

* Align versions

Bump ehcache-parent pom version

Brings in the changes around finder and usage of toolchains

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release ehcache-parent-2.20
Update to sag finder exclusions

Update the default

Merging changes from java9-2.10.4 branch
mvn plugin version change for JDK 1.6

EHC-1151: fix race condition in LocalTransactionStore replace(<3 args>) and removeElement()
EHC-1142 Merge 10587 from branches/2.10.4
committing branches for 4.3.4 and corresponding updates to 4.3.5
  1. … 2442 more files in changeset.
TAB-7254 Improve javadoc of Cache.getKeys and Ehcache.getKeys

Removed the irrelevant timing results and added a warning relative to

effects when used on large caches.

TAB-7244: Fix key ClassNotFound exception thrown when WAN replication is enabled with user defined key class used in search attribute
TAB-7250 Fix quickstart link
TAB-7221 Merge rev 10527 from branches/ehcache-2.10.3
TAB-7219: fix race condition that can lead to reading a null cache manager which would abort the rejoin process
TAB-7121 Remove node locks taken for dead nodes during rejoin (Merged from ehcache-core-ee-2.8.x)

Ensures that locks taken for dead nodes while recovering pending async

writes during rejoin processing are properly released after recovery is

complete. [from revisions 48925, 10484]

EHC-1137 Merge 10460 from branches/ehcache-2.10.3
Version bump
committing branches for 4.3.3 and corresponding updates to trunk (4.3.4)
  1. … 2442 more files in changeset.