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Branches for 4.3.8 and trunk to 4.3.9
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TAB-7757 TAB-7755 : Update to latest jackson and jetty
TAB-7757 : Update to latest jetty
JBoss EAP uses a substantially different classloading setup - no need for the jboss-web.xml
TAB-7727: logback migration changes
Reverting log4j2 changes in r11057
committing branches for 4.3.7
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TAB-7707: log4j2 migration (Fixing tests)
TAB-7707: log4j2 migration
Move to management-common:2.1.9

TAB-7683 : upgrade to management-core 2.1.8 and security-modules 2.1.10
Upgrade to latest jackson
committing branches for 4.3.6 and updates to 4.3.7
  1. … 2443 more files in changeset. for those who have IPv6 also.

Upgrade to latest management and security modules
TAB-7387 : use latest jetty
TAB-7387 : merge from jetty 9 branches and latest management and security
upgrading to later ehcache to avoid terracotta.lan references
upgrading to later ehcache to avoid terracotta.lan references
upgrading to latest parent
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release ehcache-parent-2.22
Use Java 8 to build by default
Javadoc fixes in preparation of Java 8 compile compatibility

* fixed few warning level javadoc plugin issues

* fixes all error level javadoc plugin issues

* had to add hibernate dep. to the javadoc plugin

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TAB-7214 Fix for cache shutdown/stats memory leak.

committing branches for 4.3.5
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IPv6 handling.

Ignore IntelliJ files.

Upgrade to commons-io:2.6.

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TAB-7372 : no more samples in ehcache-os kit

* because the tc server is not shipped anymore

* some samples can be found in the terracotta OSS kit

TAB-7408 Support for Java 9

* Introduce jaxb-api in rest-agent classpath to not require a module


* Move samples to Java 8 as it is now required by the Terracotta


Back to Java 6 for samples