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Deleted old apt site
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edits to help apt->markdown
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added info on support for nonstop caches
added faq item on deadlocked threads
fixed doc-900
updated coherent->consistency
Added two videos and sample app
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Documentation Cleanup
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minor edit for flow
added FAQ entry for DEV-5376
fixed a few typos
added a requirements section reminding that objects must be serializable and override equals / hashcode
Enable generation of documentation as a PDF which now gets done in the pre-site phase.
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When to use transactional modes
updated TX doc
Doc update
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General cleanup

more brain bending stuff with Ludovic
Transactions docs with Ludovic
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Add executeRemove and Element metadata spec to search
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Remove Websphere from list of supported TransactionManagers
minor doc fixup
jta and search javadoc
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Add new modes to jta.apt
minor edits
updated copy for Mike.
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updated hibernate transactional cache doc
DEV-3999 Adapted JTA docs to reflect the support in standalone ehcache