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revert 6170
changed comment to match with new code
EHCWEB-1: removed extra chaining
EHCWEB-1: allow error page with response body to pass through gzip filter
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applied EHCWEB-1 patch so the monkeys can have a go
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EHC-752: renamed param to varyHeader
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Add entry to CHANGELOG.txt for Hung
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stop leaking threadlocal
We are already referencing the superclass here, no need to duplicate all of its class javadoc.
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EHC-710: use ThreadLocal instead of Thread.setName() to avoid error triggers by GAE
revert fix using putIfAbsent()
EHC-706: use Ehcache.putIfAbsent() instead of BlockingCache (which can cause deadlock)
EHC-447: fixed bug in flushing response buffer prematurely in Weblogic using servlet forward
Apply Date and Int headers patch from Eric Dalquist.
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Restructured ehcache-web project to enable running integration-test using cargo maven
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