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trunk to 2.2.4-SNAPSHOT
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Update to license files prior to 2.2.3 release
add some more ignores for JVM service-ey threads
TAB-6619 : fix batch trigger acquisition logic to prevent early firing of trigger and preserve the fix for DEV-9254
Explicit configuration of offheap for tests
TABINF-4092 Bump to next development version 2.2.3-SNAPSHOT

* Bump system-tests-parent version to 4.3.1-SNAPSHOT

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TAB-5208 Add examples sources to kit
TAB-4433 Fix example 10 by packaging jta classes

* Mark added dependency as optional as it is not publicly available

* Add try/catch block to print information in case a class can't be found

TAB-5908 Revert changes to system prop for skipping update checks to preserve existing API while preserving new default
TAB-6134: fix MBeans object name to include the client UUID the L1s JMX tunnel code expects
Patched r2454: undefined symbol
TAB-5908 Changed skipUpdateCheck to enableUpdateCheck, default is false.
fix these tests permanently (or at least until 2051)
QTZ-468 : no need to wait unnecessarily in tests
QTZ-468 : ensure failed job retrieval transitions triggers to error state
clean tabs from JobDetailImpl
Fixed typo on TYENGINEPE instead of ENGINE=InnoDB in mysql script.
QTZ-437 Fixed NPE from JobDetailImpl.hashCode()
Changes to javadoc for TAB-4910
update to use slf4j 1.7.7
revert 2440
TABQA-7341 : Path issue in Quartz XMLSchedulingDataProcessor ,making sure we use toURI() to encode the path, code paths simplified by Chris Dennis
only express dependency on javadoc in the absent of skipJavadoc
INT-2890: updating nexus URLs to the new server.
add new JDK17 serialization variant for one test
update to reference all trunk versions
add JDK 1.6 serialized forms where relevant
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ignore these tests until failure cause can be determined