asingh in Ehcache

add a case for NODE_ERROR

remove os test as needs to be restartable

remove capability, have explicit list of supported features

use toolkit serializer for ehcache keys

disable on-save eclipse actions (mainly adding @Override) for ehcache-core as we haven't arrived to a consensus yet

fix eclipse warnings (237 to 59)

ignore eclipse files

disable test for now

disable test for now

pvt: use noop for localReads mutate ops

DEV-8393: add maxEntriesInCache

  1. … 21 more files in changeset.
MNK-4051: fix test

DEV-8133: enable checkstyle for ehcache-terracotta-bootstrap

DEV-8133: add tc checkstyle props for ehcache-parent

fix build

fix classloader leak - don't have static vars (in classes loaded by app loader) referring to toolkit instances

svn add/ignore eclipse files

  1. /trunk/ehcache/management-ehcache/.settings
DEV-6942: add test for shared clients mbean tunnelling

DEV-7940: fix clustered ehcache to support file locations in tcConfig url

reenable tests

DEV-7939: use toolkitProperties instead of sys props for bulk load properties

DEV-8041: fix and add test - use ToolkitMap instead of ToolkitList

throw exception with root cause instead of msg

update toolkit dependency versions

upgrade dependency to toolkit-2.0 runtime

upgrade dependency to toolkit-2.0

create pre toolkit2 merge branch ehcache-os - copy trunk@r6109

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    • +78
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update TestCategories - remove dups

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skip checkstyle for tests os

enable rejoin for ehcache rejoin enabled cacheManagers

toolkit2: fix bulkLoad - no need to acquire lock when using bulkLoad instance directly