dkumar in Ehcache

merging rev 8568 from trunk
set unlimited max entries in cache for replica caches
ENG-708: support for detecting replica caches and setting them unlimited in capacity
ENG-708: added support for wan replica cache sizing
ENG-708: added support for detecting a replica cache and setting its capacity unlimited
ENG-433: refactored attribute extraction for WAN search replication
added tests for select all
add select all support
add select all support
merging rev 8042
not needed at this point
merging rev. 8040
use SQL 92 compliant group by and order by syntax
merging rev. 8004
ENG-178: reenable test
merging rev. 8002
ENG-33, ENG-34: added cachemanager.cache parsing supoort
merge rev. 7938
QA-591: give ISO dates priority in parsing
merge rev. 7927
  1. … 8 more files in changeset.
QA-586: add support for count *
  1. … 8 more files in changeset.
merging rev. 7905
QA-592: add char type support
fix the QueryManagerBuilder reflection isntantiation error
merge rev 7898
fix typo in package names
merge rev 7894
ENG-26 and ENG-27: added the in and between clause
disable this for now
merge r7883