eshelest in Ehcache

Rev 8862 merged from trunk.
Rev 8862 merged from trunk.
TAB-4371. Added platform support for unidirectional WAN replication.
ENG-677. Code-review issues fixed.
ENG-677. Client is able to detect that WAN orchestrator is not running.
ENG-882. unregisterVersionUpdateListener() API added to ToolkitCacheInternal.
Rev 8491 merged from trunk.
MNK-5813 fixed.
Unnecessary info log message removed.
Rev 8356 rolled back.
ENG-509. WanAwareToolkitCache tracks tombstones to ensure consistent synchronization of removals.
Wan-aware cache wrapper should not throw an exception on keySet().
toolkit-api-internal dependency version bumped up to 1.5. Wan-aware toolkit cache wrapper updated accordingly.
ENG-403. WAN-aware cache wrapper initial implementation.
Rev 23426 merged from trunk.
Rev 7831 merged from trunk.
ENG-94. Keys are deserialized only if there is at least one event listener registered.
DEV-9829 (rev 7706, 28189, 23157 and 23155) merged from trunk.
DEV-9829. Added element versioning support in L2.
Rev 23131 merged from trunk.
Rev 7646 merged from trunk.
ExpirationListenerTest fixed.
Rev 7625 merged from trunk.
MNK-5166 fixed.
Rev 7611 merged from trunk.
MNK-5144. Fixed a race in test.
Rev 27609, 23050 and 7599 merged from trunk.
Rev 7583 merged from trunk.
MNK-5038. ClusteredEventsEvictionExpiryTest fixed.