gbevin in Ehcache

Made test less timing sensitive

Minor test fix for correctness

Minor test assertion improvement

First step towards solving JMS test failures, MNK-1678

The hashcode method of CacheManager changed, taking its name into account, while the JMS replication relied on the identity hashcode of each cachemanager instance to differentiate them in this case, thus thinking two different cache managers with the same name are the same instance, while they're not.

Updated changelog

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Small fix in comment

Another renaming round, GlobalTerracottaConfig is not TerracottaClientConfig ... monkeys beware!
Fix to make Eclipse happy

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EHC-736 : Creating a new cache manager ready to talk to terracotta is way too verbose
EHC-742 : The CacheWriter init method is only called when it was declared through config since that code triggers when the CacheManager inits the cache

Added ignores for btm logs from tests

EHC-733 : Support getCurrentNode and waitUntilNodeJoins in Ehcache cluster API
Test JSP encoding fix for running with JBoss 5

Fixed Jetty URL and Sun XML

Excluding Ehcache XML test configuration files that aren't valid according to the XSD, tired of seeing these turn up red in Eclipse
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EHC-701 : closing a chache the WriteBehindManager attached to the queue does not by default finish flushing

EHC-641: on creating cacheMgr programmatically doesnt shows up in ehcache panel
Checkstyle fix

Caching already created event replicators to reduce lock contention

Preparing for terracotta-ehcache refactoring

Updated changes

Test fix

Checkstyle stuff

Fixed javadocs

EHC-653 : RegisteredEventListeners.unregisterListener(CacheEventListener cacheEventListener) throws java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException

Some minor fixes to the config file for formatting and leggibility. Also removed a duplicate section.

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Merged r1934 from trunk

EHC-632 : Add AbstractCacheWriter class

Minor doc fixes
Doc changes.