gluck in Ehcache

Fix 6081
Remove build site commands
Deleted old apt site
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    • binary
  1. … 272 more files in changeset.
Note change to getKeysNoDuplicateCheck
Clarify maxEntriesLocalHeap
Record perf test runs
Amended to note that transactions require copyOnRead and copyOnWrite. This has been missing from the docs.
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Doc tuning
Added instructions to get Terracotta integration working
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Move algorithm description into separate section
Apply changes
Doc changes
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Fix log statement
Jrocket slow. Add to faq
Add license instructions to doc.
Remove the jcache module. This has been moved to as part of JSR107
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Config refinements. Add maxElementsInCache and localCacheEnabled
Spring doc, linkage example and refinements
Fix broken URL
Move 2.5 configuration changes into standard config page. Finish off memory based tuning design. Remove unneeded ant task.
Further tweaks
Add advice on turning off automatic indexing for keys and values where types are hetergeneous.
Add notes
Full first design of memory based tuning and cache warming.
Docs update for Freo
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Doc changes to Nonstop, Reconnect and Rejoin after review with Steve and Saro.
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Added two videos and sample app
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Terracotta docs reorganisation. Draft of Freo specific stuff
Add advice re network search