maurotalevi in Ehcache

Added Eclipse project files to svn:ignore.
Reverting test commit.
Test commit
Added Eclipse project files to svn:ignore
Fixed maven plugin versions in pluginManagement section of parent POM.

Moved javadoc and source plugins to parent POM.

Made property user-agnostic.
Removed unused imports.
Configured cobertura and release plugins.
Updated distribution management to use single server id=''.
Updated classpath after removal of tool
Removed remaining CVS dirs.
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Removed remaining CVS dirs.
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Use stable version.
Upgraded to 1.0-alpha-5-SNAPSHOT of shade-maven-plugin, to allow the configurability of debugger artifact name.

Configured shade-maven-plugin to create the debugger uber jar with all the dependencies.

Added generation of HTML/PDF userguide.
Added configuration files to binary distribution content.

Removed site from reactor, until site is generated in core.

Got yDoc doclet generation working in javadoc with yDoc properties defined in default profile in ~/.m2/settings.xml

Added site URL specification in the module that does site:deploy.
Fixed checkstyle cache path.
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Fixed core site generation - although the ydoc doclet is still not working and has been commented out.

Need to try to the route of Trails project who seem to use it with Maven.

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Added nt profile to skip tests on demand.

Commented out minijar plugin to produce ueberjar in debugger, which used to work but now fails.

Renamed core name.

Moved dependency management to parent pom.

Configured test resources - but some tests still fail.

Added debugger target dir to svn:ignore.
Created debugger module containing RemoteDebugger.

Module also produced ueber jar containing all dependendencies bundled in a single jar.

Updated Ant build script to use separate debugger module.

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Renabled componentisation.

Use POM artifactId as Ant build name.

Added target dirs to svn:ignore.

Removed CVS dir.

Readded distribution and site modules.

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Reverting test commit
Testing commit