nbangarw in Ehcache

merge fix for mnk-5733 to 4.1_preview
merge fix for mnk-5733 to 4.0
mnk-5733, use atomic toolkit instead of relying on unlocked apis
ENG-605 bump up toolkit-api-internal version to 1.9
branching for dev-week
  1. … 2218 more files in changeset.
merge fix for MNK-5592
merge fix for MNK-5592
MNK-5592 fix race in test and delete duplicate test
merge fix from trunk
merge fix from trunk
Null out ref manager ref in cleanup
DEV-9798 test changes
merge fix for eng-79
ENG-79 fix shutdown when bulk load was enabled during shutdown
Merge fix from trunk
Fix tests
Merge DEV-9849 from trunk
DEV-9849 add support for http tcurl
Merge rev 7599 from trunk to rc
MNK-4810 merge from trunk
MNK-4810 enable test
MNK-4754 increase the lock timeout
Merge fix for DEV-9623
DEV-9623 use putNoReturn instead of put
test fix
Merge fix for MNK-4618
MNK-4618 add mapping for both eternal and non-eternal element data
merge fix for MNK-4470