rsingh in Ehcache

merge rev 5671
Groupby test for transactional caches
missed this change
little refactoring + basic group by unit test
add support to have standAlone cache tested
merging rev 5461 to march madness
making checkstyle happy
merge 5461
merging fix for DEV-7006 to 3.6 branch
merging fix for DEV-7006 to 3.6.2-rc
reverting accidental commit
cleanup for DEV-7006
MNK-3532, cleaning up the test a little
MNK-3135, merging rev 5063 from 2.4
mergin rev 4837 from trunk
MNK-2979, merging rev 4806 from trunk
DEV-6258, Disable classic storage mode for clustered caches
reverting bad commit