teck in Ehcache

merge 8775
commit changes for overriding classloading in ehcache -- DEV-6441, BS-224
  1. … 69 more files in changeset.
when loading default TM lookup dont use CacheManger specific classloader (which defaults to TCCL first)
merge 8806
allowing nulling out of terracotta client config - TAB-102
add some serial version UIDs to be compatible with previous release
changes for DEV-6441
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pull from trunk
fix test. added missing @Test !
fix test
pull from trunk
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first pass at complete dev-6441 changes
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cut out some dead code for custom/DSO mode
remove stupid useless bigmemory.jar stuff
rejigger some instance fields before we freeze the serialization formats of these types
merge 8101
merge 8101
merge 8101
hack in some unique port stuff for derby
depend on released toolkit API
depend on released toolkit API
m2e ignores
merge 7258

updated ancient info
OF changes
merge 7164
merge 7164
use OF servlet api jar for sag-deps build
this condition doesn't matter for trunk packaging (as opposed to 2.6.x ehcache and 3.7.x bigmemory jars)
put this call back in place now that ehcache embedded in toolkit won't blow up on it