vfunshte in Ehcache

Merged 8712.

Merged 8712

Corrected javadocs.

Cleaned up Query (and StoreQuery) APIs as per API-43.

Merged 8616.

ENG-279: replaced SearchException with AssertionError, as this code path should no longer be valid under any circumstances.
Merged 8591

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Merged 8532

Use Runnable instead of Callable, to avoid wrapping non-stop exceptions.

We may need this.

Fixed non-stop handling for search. This allows configuring timeout separately from other ops.

Finished implementation of search pagination.

Switch over to latest toolkit API and search releases.

Fixed minor logic error.
ENG-276 and other aggregator-related fixes.

Will be necessary to bypass this check shortly.

Reverted 8178 (original fix for ENG-279)

Merged 8252

Merged 8165 and 8175

Merged 8145 from trunk (CRQ-129)

Delegate search attribute access to underlying store.

ENG-279: disallow inclusion of unknown attributes in search queries.
Fixed javadoc for fields.

ENG-224: added null/not null support to BMQL