alexsnaps in Quartz

EHC-980 adapted to the new pinning stuff... but I have no idea whether this actually can work
DEV-7222 Using proper JobDataMap when recovering, slightly modified RecoveryTest to make sure the key in the original JDM is present in the new one
DEV-7195 Refactored recoveryTrigger creation to dedicated method
DEV-7091 Modified logging to trace level
DEV-7055 Handling paused schedulers when dispatching, restarting and pausing
MNK-3515 Only start the scheduler when needed
MNK-3458 Changed test to not loose the thread dump of Client1 when deadlocked (à la NodeDeathTestClient2)
DEV-6552 Merged r1765 from trunk
DEV-6552 Pass the initial thread pool size, before initializing the JobStore
QTZ-162 Merged 1549 from trunk
QTZ-162 Set default values for batching properties in the scheduler resources, added constructor to explicitly set these to DirectSchedulerFactory
MNK-2294 Merged r1480 from trunk
MNK-2294 Break out of loop in case we got halted in the meantime
QTZ-133 Merged 1418 from trunk
QTZ-133 Fixed infinite loop
Merged r1409 from trunk
Fixed naming and setting of thread pool... Still need to look how to not init half way through on getting the UUID
DEV-5007 Added System prop based instanceId generator impl.
QTZ-71 Renamed props based on James feedback
QTZ-117 Changed method signatures to use the Matcher API rather than String for Group based operations
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DEV-4684 Added poolSize to setter to the JobStore
More generics
Generified TriggerBuilders
Fixed mBean support for Triggers
Updated javadoc wrt removed SchedulingContext
Added EnterpriseTerracottaJobStore support for naming nodes