cdennis in Quartz

add some more ignores for JVM service-ey threads
TAB-6619 : fix batch trigger acquisition logic to prevent early firing of trigger and preserve the fix for DEV-9254
merge 2453 from trunk
fix these tests permanently (or at least until 2051)
QTZ-468 : no need to wait unnecessarily in tests
QTZ-468 : ensure failed job retrieval transitions triggers to error state
clean tabs from JobDetailImpl
add new JDK17 serialization variant for one test
update to reference all trunk versions
add JDK 1.6 serialized forms where relevant
  1. … 31 more files in changeset.
ignore these tests until failure cause can be determined
ENG-369 : don't assume eastern timezone
  1. … 11 more files in changeset.
skip these tests until I sort out all the annoying timezone issues
ENG-369 : add os quartz product upgradability tests - missed a bunch of files
  1. … 6 more files in changeset.
ENG-369 : add os quartz product upgradability tests
  1. /trunk/quartz/src/test/java/org/terracotta/quartz
  2. … 45 more files in changeset.
MNK-5609 : rewrite this test to not make assumption about the performance of the test machine
MNK-5570 : fix up lingering threads logic
MNK-5512 : try and be nice to derby - don't shutdown derby until the job thread has terminated
Make sure we set the job factory before we start the scheduler
merge 2371 from trunk
merge 2371 from trunk
merge 2371 from trunk
ENG-54 : final rejoin changes - add constant for rejoin prop, remove warning, and force sync-write to true when rejoin is enabled
QTZ-385 : add test coverage
QTZ-382 : add unit test for UpdateLockRowSemaphore
ENG-54 : enable quartz rejoin tests, ensure correct behavior around blocked jobs when recovering triggers
not all JDKs do equality comparison in the same order
QTZ-385 : ensure scheduler thread is shutdown before shutting down thread pool
QTZ-382 : fix and refactor UpdateRowLockSemaphore
ENG-54 : don't need to be able to use proxy toolkits any more