gkeim in Quartz

rest of Jetty8 upgrade and additional version bumps for Vincente because I could
Make this compile again.

Merge of change 1675 from trunk for QTZ-67.

QTM-67: JMX interface to interrupt a particular interruptableJob by instanceId.

Java 7 compiler pointed this out.

Merge of change 1462 from trunk.

Merge of change 1461 from trunk.

QTZ-138: add fireTime as index to JobExecutionContext CompositeData.

In MBean, catch/make-safe any old exception that may be thrown, not just SchedulerException.

QTZ-140: fix to not have duplicate ${working_dir}.

Removed volatility elements from quartz_data.xml.

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Merge of change 1459 from trunk.

QTZ-139: assign old jobKey to newTrigger in rescheduleTrigger.

Merge of change 1453 from trunk.

DEV-5501: ScheduleListner.triggerResumed/triggerPaused can be passed a null

triggerKey, meaning that all triggers were resumed/paused.

Merge of change 1444 from trunk.

Merge of change 1444 from trunk.

QTZ-125: allow for the JMX-registering of the scheduler.

Merge of change 1420 from trunk.

Invoking wrong version of scheduleJob here.

Merge of change 1414 from trunk.

QTZ-131: fix deficiencies in notifications.

Fix ObjectName to include the "node" attribute.

Merge of change 1401 from trunk.

QTZ-128: check for correct EE JobStore.

Don't allow null or in-the-past startTimes in JMX schedule ops.

Don't set a calendarName of "unknown" when returning trigger attributes over JMX.

Merge of change 1399 from trunk.

QTZ-124: in JMX scheduling methods, ensure the trigger startTime is non-null.

QTZ-126: in the JMX scheduleJob method that takes a jobName and jobGroup, don't

remove the associated job prior to scheduling the new trigger as there may

be other existing triggers on the job.

Remove printlns.
Put back pauseTriggerGroup, resumeTriggerGroup, pauseJobGroup, resumeJobGroup.

Added new operations for StartsWith, EndsWith, Contains for each of the above.

QTM-1: don't swallow ClassNotFoundException.

QTZ-82, QTZ-83: can schedule a non-durable job with a trigger using maps of simple values.

QTZ-81: orphaned, non-durable jobs deleted as a side-effect of deleting

its triggers, are not notified to listeners.

Fixed MBean impl to be a SchedulerListener again.

Fix jobDeleted to pass jobKey as string since we don't want to have Quartz types in the JMX api.