teck in Quartz

use release toolkit API
remove commons logging dep
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fixes for config changes
update slf4j version
use core system-tests-parent
fix compile for jdk17
merge 2079
add jdbc 4.1 specific method to fix compile probs with jdk1.7
ignore target dir
need toolkit 1.6 API
eclipse settings
stay aligned with vicente versions of things
let tests that seem to what to explicitly start their schedulers do

so. In particular this should fix MNK-3562

remove withStandaloneJar parameter
don't ever timeout waiting for first client

refactor a bit so trigger time compare logic isn't duplicated in TC

clustered job store

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remove files that are now ignored

set ignores

merge 1199 from quartz-1.8.x : QTZ-50

merge 1199 from quartz-1.8.x branch : QTZ-50

commit patch on behalf of James (QTZ-50)

merge 1179 from quartz-1.8.x branch

Make sure we remove job run shell from the listener list (QTZ-44)

remove debug logging (DEV-3799)

avoid AbstractMethodError with existing/legact ThreadPool and JobStore

implementations. The one known instance is LocalTaskExecutorThreadPool

in spring

avoid jdk 1.6 specific APIs
make test not dependent on sleep()
small style change
avoid NPE
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remove my branch

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