Abhishek Singh

add a case for NODE_ERROR

remove os test as needs to be restartable

remove capability, have explicit list of supported features

remove capability, have explicit list of supported features

use toolkit serializer for ehcache keys

disable on-save eclipse actions (mainly adding @Override) for ehcache-core as we haven't arrived to a consensus yet

fix eclipse warnings (237 to 59)

ignore eclipse files

disable test for now

disable test for now

pvt: use noop for localReads mutate ops

DEV-8393: add maxEntriesInCache

  1. … 21 more files in changeset.
MNK-4051: fix test

DEV-8133: enable checkstyle for ehcache-terracotta-bootstrap

DEV-8133: add tc checkstyle props for ehcache-parent

fix build

fix classloader leak - don't have static vars (in classes loaded by app loader) referring to toolkit instances

svn add/ignore eclipse files

svn add/ignore eclipse files

  1. /trunk/ehcache/management-ehcache/.settings
DEV-6942: add test for shared clients mbean tunnelling

DEV-7940: fix clustered ehcache to support file locations in tcConfig url

reenable tests

DEV-7939: use toolkitProperties instead of sys props for bulk load properties

DEV-8041: fix and add test - use ToolkitMap instead of ToolkitList

throw exception with root cause instead of msg

update toolkit dependency versions

update toolkit dependency versions

update dep to toolkit-runtime

upgrade to toolkit-2.0

upgrade dependency to toolkit-2.0 runtime

upgrade dependency to toolkit-2.0