Gary Keim

TAB-7898: upgrade Jetty for CVE-2020-27216

TAB-7898: upgrade Jetty for CVE-2020-27216

Merge of r11471 from tc-4.3.9 for TAB-7903.

Merge of r11470 from tc-4.3.8 for TAB-7903.

TAB-7903: use context classloader when handling JMX envocations to keep REST agent isolated from parent classloaders.

Upgrade Jetty.

Upgrade Jetty for CVE's.

Bump management-core for CVE's.

Bump management-core for CVE's

Bump management-core.

Upgrade to newest forge-parent to remove SAGFinder.

Fix javadoc error and make javadoc generate less warnings that won't be addressed.

TAB-7817: upgrade some artifacts for CVE's

Fixup checkstyle: don't fail on error/warning or print to console

TAB-7817: dump sag_finder

    • -32
    • +3
Fix up jboss config.

Upgrade management-core for TAB-7810.
Upgrade security version for TAB-7810.

Upgrade management-core.version

Classloading has changed in JBoss and this element is no longer necessary.

Update dependencies.

Upgrade rest-assured and replace gmaven-plugin with groovy-maven-plugin.

    • -22
    • +10
Bump management-core version for Java 11 testing.

Remove testVM support and use maven-surefire-plugin for tests (toolchain integration).

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] copy for tag ehcache-parent-2.25